Namaste 🙏, I am a web developer, founder, and a fun guy to hang out with. I have over 8 years of experience in the software industry, building end-to-end products and leading teams.
I share my learnings on Twitter, LinkedIn, and my blog.
👋 For business inquiries reach out to me at
  • Expertise: Web development (React, TS, Node.js), Chrome extension development, AI, startup consultation, and product management
  • Startups I founded: ChatGPT Writer (AI powered writing tool), Easypie App (no-code automation tool), EvrCare (assistance platform for elderly people)
  • Companies/clients I have worked for: YC-backed startups, individual clients, big tech corps like Samsung, Honeywell, etc.
  • My open-source projects: Github
  • Technical writing: StackOverflow profile and blog


  • ChatGPT WriterChrome usersChrome extension starsFree Chrome extension to generate entire emails and messages using ChatGPT AI. All sites are supported and enhanced support for Gmail.

  • ChatGPT Message AI
    Use ChatGPT AI inside WhatsApp. Interact with AI without ever leaving WhatsApp.

  • Gimme Summary AI
    Free chrome extension to summarize articles on the web using AI (ChatGPT).

  • Notion Boostsource codeChrome usersChrome extension starsA popular browser extension to make Notion ( more productive.

  • Shortcut Menubarsource codeVisual Studio Marketplace DownloadsVSCode extension which adds useful buttons like beautify, open files, undo, redo, etc to the editor in Visual Studio Code.

  • Clone WarsGitHub repo starsGitHub forksList of 100+ open-source clones of popular sites like Airbnb, Spotify, Tiktok, Netflix, etc.

  • Gourav.iosource codeOpen-source portfolio and blog built using React (Next.js), Typescript, Tailwind CSS, MDX and deployed on Vercel.
    Total Views: 100,000+