Open-source extension for Chrome and Firefox to add features like sticky outline, small text & full width by default,scroll to top button, hide slash command menu, and more to website.

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⚙ How to enable/disable a feature

  1. Visit any notion page.
  2. Click on the extension icon (clickable only when you are on a notion page).
  3. A popup menu will appear, you can toggle features from there.

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Features details

✔ Show sticky outline

Show sticky outline (table of contents) for pages that have headings or sub-headings. The outline will be shown on the right side of the page. Very useful for navigating a page with lots of content.

✔ Set small text for all pages

Set small text for all pages by default. This locally adjusts the text without clicking on the Notion page toggles.

✔ Set full width for all pages

Set full width for all pages by default. This locally adjusts the width without clicking on the Notion page toggles.

✔ 'Scroll to top' button

Added button at the bottom-right corner of page for scrolling back to top. Quite useful for lengthy pages. The button will be visible only when the page has scrolled down a bit.

✔ Show full text on hover

Show full text in table cells on mouse hover.

✔ Close Slash command menu after space

Slash command menu which appears when pressing '/' key will be closed back by pressing the space key.

✔ Don't show Slash command menu when pressing '/'

Don't show the Slash command menu when pressing '/' key. Slash command menu will still be shown by clicking + ⁝⁝ icon. This setting can't be enabled along with 'Close Slash command menu after space' and vice-versa.

✔ Hide floating help button from all pages

This button is located on the bottom-right corner of pages.

✔ Hide 'Hidden columns' in board view

Truly hide 'Hidden columns' in Kanban board view.

✔ Left align images

Align document images to left instead of center.

✔ Bolder text in dark mode

Fix poorly recognizable bold text when using Notion in dark mode

✔ Hide comments section from all pages

comment section is useless when working solo

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