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Get Slack and email notifications when Vercel deployment fails for Next.js project

Gourav Goyal

Gourav Goyal

Dec 5, 2022

You can configure Slack to receive notifications whenever your Vercel deployment gets failed for your Next.js project. This solution takes 5 mins, and it’s completely free.

That’s how it’d look if you integrate slack into your project:

Slack notification when deployment fails:

You can also choose to get notified for successful deployments too:

Slack notification when deployment is successful:

Let’s do this!

Integrate Slack for Vercel project

Go to https://vercel.com/integrations/slack and add slack integration to your Vercel account:

Select your Slack workspace and click Allow:

Choose the Slack channel and the events for which you would like to get notified:

That’s it; you’ve done it!

PS: you can always change the above Slack settings later by going to Vercel projectSettings:

PPS: check out my Next.js cheat sheet: Next.js Cheatsheet - handy snippets and tips (gourav.io)

Email notification when deployment fails

Go to Vercel’s account settings → My notifications https://vercel.com/account/notifications

That's all, folks!

Gourav Goyal

Gourav Goyal